Inter-Company Relay Race

10 Km Relay – This being the main race requires participating organizations to register a team comprising eight individuals. Each of these individuals has a leg (approx. 1.2Km) of the race to run, starting from exchange zone one, after which they hand over a relay baton to the subsequent team member at every exchange zone until the full distance has been covered. The first team to cross the finish line (with the relay baton) wins.

An organization can register more than one team of eight persons if they so wish.

5km Health Walk – The Health Walk aims at giving people who cannot run and those with medical conditions an opportunity to participate in the Inter-Company Relay.

The walk was inspired by the late Maureen Lewanika, wife to late Deputy Chief Justice David Lewanika. Mr. Hero Hicky, the Radio Phoenix proprietor has been sponsoring the Ursula Trophy in honour of his late wife Mrs. Ursula Hicky who died of cancer, for the winner of the Health Walk.

IndividuaL Race – The individual race is for participants who wish to compete by covering the full 10Km.

Paralympic Athletics – The differently – abled individuals also have a chance to compete.

Kids Athletics – A program where children from different backgrounds are drawn from a number of Children’s homes and take part in multiple activities and races. The children who win in the different races are awarded trophies and enjoy physical activities, social skills and health.