What is ICR?

Inter-Company Relay is a project initiated by the Zambia Amateur Athletic Association (ZAAA) in 1999 to raise funds to develop and promote Athletics in Zambia, through the Talent Identification Program (TIP), while promoting an Integrated Approach to Health Response and Wellness.

This annual event is epitomized by various races which include the 10Km relay race under taken by eight (8) persons, 100 metres Chief Executive Race, 5 Km Health Walk, Paralympics athletics, Kids athletics and Health & Wellness activities.

The event (ICR) is the largest, most engaging and exciting Corporate Health and Wellness-Promoting Sporting Event in the country. It was the first sporting organization to launch a HIV/AIDS Campaign in 1999 and has increasingly become an effective platform for promoting good health and wellness.

The ICR has made a significant contribution to the saving of lives in the country by enabling people to know their status and take preventive measures or seek the right medical treatment.

Corporate entities and organisations are invited to register teams, their CEOs, Directors, Senior Managers to participate in this event which brings together Corporate Leaders and Executives, Civil Society and Government Leaders, the Diplomatic Corp and the Community for a day of fun; and provides a unique platform for interaction and relationship-building in a socially–friendly atmosphere.

This increasingly popular event attracts over three hours of Live-Broadcast in partnership with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and MUVI TV there by creating an opportunity for high Visibility of every participating and sponsoring organization, its products and services.

ICR also provides an opportunity for organizations and individuals to exhibit their innovative products and services under Product Display.

The funds raised from the ICR through Participation Fee and Sponsorship, are used by the Zambia Amateur Athletic Association to continue promoting and developing athletics across the country through the Talent Identification Program.

The ICR, which during inception in 1999, only attracted 44 companies and 53 teams of eight persons per team has experienced an exponential growth over the last 17 years, attracting new Organisations each year and undoubtedly becoming the most interactive Event where everyone has space to participate.